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Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer
Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer

Xkxlife™ Infrared Thermometer

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#1 Rated FCC & CE Approved Automatic Device For Temperature Control

The Tempscan™ Infrared Thermometer will alert you about anybody with abnormal body temperature within 1 second, preventing you and anyone in your workplace from potentially getting sick.

☑️ CE - FCC - ROHS Certified

☑️ The best non-contact way to measure body temperature in just 1 second

☑️ Fully automatic once set up, no need to hire anybody to operate it all day

☑️ Accurate measurement within +/- 0.2 Degrees

☑️ Alarm & flashing lights to notify you of abnormal body temperature 

☑️ Can be used in a variety of places e.g. offices, factories , warehouses, schools, restaurants shops etc. 

☑️ Easy installation options - ability to mount to the wall with double-sided tape or with bracket. You also have the option secure it onto a camera tripod

☑️ Multiple power options - Insert 18650 batteries for control without a fixed power supply or use the USB cord included.

☑️ Can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Why Tempscan?

  • High Precision: An advanced infrared sensor chip with a tested 100,000 operating lifespan rapidly delivers accurate and precise temperature readings. The Tempscan™ Thermometer  is designed for people of all ages, including infants, children, adults and seniors.  Our thermometer has a precision tolerance of +/- 0.2 Degrees. 

  • Non-Contact: To maintain safe level of social distancing, our no contact infrared thermometer can identify individuals with high temperatures without requiring physical contact from healthcare workers/staff or with the equipment itself. The device can operate independently without human assistance, and forehead temperature can be read from a distance of 4 inches to the device sensor.

  • Rapid Testing - The Tempscan™ Handsfree thermometer accurately measures a person’s body temperature in as little as ONE second. A reading is taken as soon as an individual’s forehead is detected within 2-4 inches of the thermometer’s sensor. A green light will indicate that their temperature is within a normal range, and a flashing red light will indicate temperature is above normal or fever is present.

How To Setup

Unlike  some handheld devices on the market, the Tempscan thermometer is very use to use and requires no additional operation once it's setup. It can be mounted in 3 different ways.

  • Double Adhesive Tape - just attach the included tape on the back of the device and stick it on some flat surface e.g. a wall or door.
  • Nail/Hook -  Place nail hook(s) (located on back of device) onto nailed wall. 
  • Tripod (not included) - You can attach the device to a tripod using the mounting hole located at the bottom of the device.

Power Options

The Tempscan device can be powered via two options:

  • USB power cable (included) - simply plug the device in via the included USB power cable.
  • 18650 Lithium-Ion battery 

Whats Included?

  • 1x Infrared Thermometer 
  • 1x USB Power Cable
  • 2x Screws
  • 3x Bio adhesive strips
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications: